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Get a Free Web Site Design

When We Host Your Website

You agree to host your web site with us for just $10 a month, paid annually. You get up to five hours of free website design. Unless your website is particularly complex, that's usually good for about five web pages. You won't find an offer like that from any other web hosting provider! More complex pages will require more web page design time. For a more precise estimate of time, please call toll-free 1-888-729-4979.  If your site requires more than five hours of work, we'll quote you the difference in advance, at a rate of just $20 an hour. You remain in control of the budget every step of the way. If you need to have a domain name registered, we'll do that for an additional $10 a year.

Here is how it works. First, figure out what pages you want on your site and how you want them organized. Then, take a text editor such as Microsoft Word® and create a separate text document for each web page. You do not have to include the photos in the Word document. A simple note in brackets saying something like [include photo HST342 here] is sufficient. You are also responsible for supplying all photos, graphics, logos, etc. that you want us to use via email or mailed CD. If you want us to search for photos or graphics to use, or create an illustration or logo or a flash movie or some other video, it will cost extra. Contact us for special quotes. Our pricing shown above is for taking the stuff you send us and turning it into web pages...nothing more.

Want To Build Your Own Web Site Using Microsoft FrontPage®, But Need Some Help?

We can help you there, too. In place of supplying you a free website design, we'll give you up to four hours of free email or  telephone support in Microsoft FrontPage instead. The rates are the same as for our free website design program: $10 a month, paid annually. If we exceed the four hour limit, additional support is available at $20/hr. However, most customers will find that they don't need anywhere near four hours of support. Within limits we can also provide support for other HTML editors, but bear in mind that most of our customers use FrontPage, and thus our support is strongest with this program. This support is available during our regular business hours M-F 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time, although we sometimes make exceptions after hours by appointment only.

Just Want A Web Hosting Provider? You Design It – We'll Host It

Hey, we're glad to just host your website, if that's all you need. Our hosting rates are among the best in the world. Just $10 a month paid annually ($120 a year), or $11 a month via Credit Card / PayPal subscription.

Need Help With Your Reciprocal Link Exchange?

We'll build your link exchange for you for some very low rates, with no minimum quantity! Why spend hours and hours doing your own links when you should be concentrating on running your own business? Click to learn about how search engines and reciprocal links work these days. 

Hey, everyone wants a website that looks great. That's what we've done over the years. We've been hosting and designing websites for companies, small businesses, non-profit organizations,  and individuals since 1997. See what our more recent customers are saying.

Personal, One-On-One Service
But what really sets us apart from other companies is our personal service. We consult directly with you as we do the design. One of the first things we'll ask you to do is to do a little web-surfing and identify two to four websites that you really like. Then, we'll ask you to identify what specifically you like about each site you pick.

We Use Your Input To Design Your Site
For instance, maybe you like a particular site's color scheme. Or maybe you like something tight and compact. Perhaps you like many menus of options. Or it could be just that you like the photos and graphics.

Job Done On Time
When you place your order, we'll get to work on it right away. We keep you updated every step of the way.

You'll Stay In The Loop
As the design work progresses on your website, we'll keep you informed every step of the way about our progress and any obstacles we might be running into.

After The Design Is Completed
When we finish the design, you'll get your chance to approve it. Once you approve it, we'll put it online, but our job doesn't stop there. We'll submit it for free to the major search engines that still don't charge for submissions. We continue to insure uptime afterward. We'll also help you with technical issues you might experience with regard to such things as connecting to our email server from your email program, making FTP connections to your website, etc. We can also help you with your search engine rankings.

What Our Customers Say
Whatever you pick, we'll use your preferences as the basis for your website design. Here's what some of our clients have had to say about our design and hosting services:

  • "Thanks! You did a great job!" DF, Connecticut, February 2006

  • "You're awesome!  Thanks again for everything!" AM, Ohio, January 2006

  • "You are too good to me...Thanks Walt and Happy New Year" KP, Massachusetts, December 2005

  • "Thanks so much for all your help. I really like the website you designed! " MW, Pennsylvania, November 2005

  • "It's been a pleasure working with you." DW, Arizona, October 2005

  • "Thank you for the quick turn around. It looks great." DN, Virginia, September 2005

  • "Wow, you're quick. Thanks." AR, Massachusetts, August 2005

  • "There's a little extra [enclosed] in appreciation for your quick and beautiful construction of my website." PP, California, July 2005

  • "Great!" JK, California, June 2005

  • "Outstanding job on finishing the website so fast." JR, Ohio, May 2005

  • "You are so prompt!  It's nice working with someone so efficient." MF, North Carolina, April 2005

  • "Thanks, Walt. I appreciate your speedy help." MF, Iowa, March 2005

  • "Looks Great!" PE, Mississippi, February 2005

  • "Walt: [The website] is perfect." JW, New York, January 2005

  • "Thank you very much Walt! It was a real pleasure working with you. I will certainly recommend you to others." BM, Illinois, December 2004

  • "Everything else looks fine. Thanks for the excellent work." MS, California, November 2004

  • "I am very satisfied with your work, and if you ever need a reference, please count on me to give one." BW, Pennsylvania, October 2004

  • "Excellent colors! I am also sending you info about thank you." SC, California, September 2004

  • "Thank you for your help and responsiveness! Our church is very grateful for your economical hosting of our new web site." NL, Ohio, August 2004

  • "I appreciate your help. The web-site looks great." PS, Missouri, July 2004

  • "I'm getting lots of complements on the great site from family & professionals alike!!! Thanks a lot." LP, Massachusetts, July 2004

  • "The site looks really good. Thank you!" BH, Indiana, June 2004

  • "Web site looks great and works great. Now to get my wife to finish the pictures. We are getting the original digital photos for the jewelry, and they should look much better than what we have." HF, Florida, June 2004

  • "Walt:... the website looks good!! I'll call you tomorrow." SD, Kentucky, May 2004

  • "What can I say? Walt saves the day again. Thank you! I think that works out much better how you put the access categories and listings so I would be able to change them if need be!" TM, Indiana, April 2004

  • "The... website looks nice and people (friends) have been giving good remarks about it. I am happy with what you have done. It exceeded my expectations. Thanks again." ST, Cambodia, March 2004

  • "The website looks great. And done so fast, too. Thanks for your good work." JR, Virginia, February 2004

  • "I must say that you have been most generous with us, and your kindness and professionalism have not gone unnoticed." MW, Wisconsin, January 2004

  • "I have heard great compliments on the website. Thank you so much for your expertise." DS, Connecticut, December 2003

  • "Thanks for the continued, uninterrupted, wonderful service." DR, Connecticut, November 2003

  • "I conducted a poll amongst my people (about the design). Everyone liked! Congratulations!" GJ, Brazil, October 2003

  • "Thanks Walt. Looks good." LS, California, October 2003

  • "Wow—great job!" DD, Washington DC, September 2003

  • "Wonderful!  Thank you!!" EL, Minnesota, August 2003

  • "I really liked it very much; you can go ahead with [loading] the site [under the domain name]." SR, Pakistan, June 2003

  • "I like it! Everything looks great! Thanks." PB, New Hampshire, February 2003

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