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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. Do you require that an ad be displayed on my website in order to get the free web design and discount hosting?

Q2. How can you afford to give away free web design?

Q3. How do I order my free web design?

Q4. Is there a way for me to set my website and email server settings online?

Q5. Please forward me a network security diagram or speak to the features of your network.

Q6. Please send your Privacy Policy with regards to people who visit the site.

Q7. What am I agreeing to if I choose to accept your free design offer?

Q8. Who founded and who owns

Q9. Can I see some of the other websites you have designed for other people?

Q10. Can you recommend any other resources that I should check out?

Q11. What services do you offer with your web hosting and free web design package?