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Q2. How can you afford to give away free web design?

Well, we don't give our time away endlessly. You get up to five hours of free website design for free as our customer. Unless your website is particularly complex, that's good for 4-5 web pages! If your site requires more than five hours of work, we'll quote you the difference in advance, at a rate of just $20 an hour. You remain in control of the budget every step of the way.

The reason we can do this at all is that we're very efficient at designing websites, which keeps costs down. We are committed to keeping your web hosting business over the long-haul. By having your website designed by us, you agree not to take your free website design to any other web host provider. If you decide to move your domain to another provider, you must create a different website look-and-feel than the one we've provided for you with you free website design, or pay us a fee to take ownership of the design.

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