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Websites designed by are owned by, LLC (herein referred to as DLD2000). As our Client, you agree to the following:

1.    Free Website Design Service

1.1.   DLD2000 will create for Client a proprietary website, designed to fit Client’s needs and specifications. There will be no charge for the first five hours of design time. Additional hours will be billed at a rate of $20 an hour. 

1.2.   Design shall include creation of individual pages with hyperlinks, as well as use of color, graphics, and/or photos. Design shall also include the overall look and feel of the website. Client shall be responsible for supplying all text, graphics, screenshots and photos.

1.3.   Client agrees to permit DLD2000 to include hyperlinks in small print at the bottom of Client’s home page that say, "Free Website Design ©2004, LLC, hosted by Connweb" pointing to DLD2000’s own websites, including

1.4.   Client agrees that all aspects of website design provided by DLD2000 shall be the property of DLD2000 and not of Client. This section shall not apply to materials originally supplied by Client. If Client chooses at some future time to authorize to move the website designed by DLD2000 to another Internet Service Provider (ISP), Client agrees to pay DLD2000 a fee of $360 for the ownership and/or use of that design. This fee shall only be due in the event the website design is moved to another ISP.

1.5.   Clients are entitled to one free website design. Additional designs or changes made after the initial design has been completed and approved by the client may be subject to additional charges, at our discretion.

1.6    By making your payments, you automatically give your agreement and consent to the terms outlined here.

2.     Website Hosting

2.1.   Once the initial website design is completed, Client agrees that DLD2000 will host the website on the World Wide Web for a fee of $10 a month, paid annually in advance. This calculates to an annual fee of $120 for 12 months, which is due immediately upon completion of the design.

2.2.   Client has the option of either using his or her own Internet domain name (such as or of using space in the domain. If client chooses to use the domain, there shall be no extra charge. If client chooses to have his or her own domain name (such as, client understands that there will be an annual fee to register that name. Client may register their name with any Internet Registry of their choice.

2.3.   DLD2000 can provide domain name registration to client at a cost of $10 per year. If Client initials here ___, Client agrees that Client has hereby ordered DLD2000 to acquire a domain name on Client’s behalf, and Client understands that DLD2000 cannot guarantee the availability of any particular domain name, and that domain name shall be acquired on a best efforts basis, and that the $10 fee is due and payable in any event.

2.4.   Client agrees that DLD2000 is not responsible for any economic or other impact of DLD2000's  services on Client's business and  operations. All services are offered on a "best efforts" basis, and Client understands that they bear full responsibility for the impact of their website, email accounts, and other DLD2000 services on Client's business.

2.5.   Client understands and agrees that Client is forbidden to use DLD2000's servers and facilities for any illegal activities, including but not limited to spamming, and any use of DLD2000's servers and facilities for any illegal activities by Client is grounds for immediate cancellation of services with no refunds of any kind.

3.    Enforceability

3.1.   The laws of the State of Virginia govern this Agreement, and any adjudication done to enforce this agreement shall be done in Virginia, or in any other court of DLD2000’s choosing. If any part(s) of the Agreement is(are) found to be unenforceable by a court of law, the other parts shall still be considered valid and in force.

3.2.   Client agrees that changes made to this page apply to all customers, without further notice, seven days after changes have been posted. This page last revised June 19, 2004.