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Contact Us is a wholly-owned venture of, LLC.

Our address is:
c/o, LLC
38 Walker Drive, Suite 202
Warrenton, VA 20186
Toll-Free 888-729-4979
Hours: 9AM to 5PM Eastern Time Monday thru Friday

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Yahoo Messenger ID: fivefreehours
Skype ID: fivefreehours

We’ve been hosting and designing websites since 1997. We offer free website design to new customers who agree to host their website with us for a year at a cost of $10 a month, paid annually in advance. We can also register their domain name, if needed, for $10 a year. So, the design and setup is free, and the maximum annual fee is $130 to host the website and register the domain name.

Customers are entitled to one free website design. After the initial design is completed, customer-requested changes may incur an additional charge.

We own the web designs that we create under this plan, so if you want to take the website to another ISP after the first year is up, you agree to pay us $360 to buy the design from us. You also agree to let us put a very small text link to our site at the bottom of their home page that says, "Free Website Design ©2004, LLC, hosted by Connweb."

As you may know, other website designers charge for their work. I am able to justify not charging for my design work for four reasons:

  1. We are extremely efficient and time-effective when we do our design work. Using proprietary techniques we have developed over the years, we can produce websites in a fraction of the time required by other designers.

  2. We want to reach out to smaller customers who usually can’t afford to hire designers to do their websites, but who would like a professional-looking website.

  3. Since our hosting prices are very low compared to my competition, we are essentially working to build volume, rather than trying to acquire a smaller number of wealthier customers at higher prices. We are working for the long haul, because we believe that if we offer top service at low prices, our customers will stay with us year after year.

  4. Smaller companies, ventures and organizations don’t usually require the larger, more complex websites that corporations require.

We have a skilled team of technicians managing our web servers. They do a good job of maintaining the web, SQL, and email servers, and they're pretty responsive in the event any problems occur.

Our office is open Monday thru Friday 9 AM to 5 PM Eastern Time. After hours and on weekends, we check our messages frequently.

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