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Walt Thiessen Higher PageRank (High PR) Half PR3 and Half PR4 Reciprocal Links Acquired As Backlinks For Your Web Site

Looking specifically for High PR links only? Some customers are very demanding about having us acquire only link trades from websites with higher pagerank values.

We have to quote each website on a case by case basis. As recently as six months ago, we accepted orders for PR4 and PR5 website links. However, the market has changed. It's gotten much harder to get PR5 links in trade. However we can still offer packages of PR4 and PR3 links, usually split half and half each of PR4 and PR3. Prices for acquisition are $6 for each PR3 link and $7 for each PR4 link acquired. In a few rare cases, we can also acquire PR5 links (where possible). If we are able to do this, the price is $9 a link.

Click here to order your PR4/PR3 link package. Indicate the number of links desired on the shopping cart page.

Looking for cheaper links? Click here!

These packages are for webmasters willing to pay extra for high PR links. They often take longer to acquire, but many people consider it well worth the extra time and expense.

What Happens After You Order

After you place your order and send your payment, we will ask you to give us your preferred wording for the link we'll be asking other webmasters to place on their websites and point back to your web site. You'll need to supply us with a Title (anchor text), Description and your URL. As a rule of thumb, anchor text should be no longer than 50 characters in length and should include  your most critical keywords. Descriptions should be no longer than 200 characters in length and should contain  the remainder of your most important keywords.

We'll also need you to set up an email address in your domain for our links team to use...something like "" We'll also need FTP access for our links team to modify your links pages. If you want to update the pages yourself each time that we need to add or modify data, that's fine, but understand that it will add a lot of time to the project, while we wait for information to transfer, followed by the team leader rescheduling the job into the team's workflow. Not having FTP access can literally double the amount of time it takes to complete the project. 

How Long Does It Take To Complete An Order?

It depends on many factors. The most important factor is how many links you're hiring us to acquire. We can't predict in advance how long it will take, but on average a 50 link order will take about 1-2 months, a 100 link order will take 3-4 months, a 200 link order will take 5-6 months, etc. Why does it take so long? Simple. We're contacting hundreds of webmasters, trying to get about 10% of them to agree to an exchange. They might get back to us quickly, or they might take days, weeks, even months to reply. Nor do we always know that 10% will respond favorably; it can vary greatly. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to send an email or call 1-888-729-4979. I'm here to answer your questions.

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